Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crunchy Towels

In addition to not owning ovens, apparently only an elite group of Parisians have the pleasure of owning a dryer. The reason, as I understand it, Parisians do not own dryers is the lack of space. However I argue that the ridiculous wire contraptions that the locals use to hang-dry clothing, take up twice as much space as any dryer I have ever seen. The result of washing your towels in a minuscule washing machine followed by two days of drying on a rack, for those unfamiliar with the practice, is a cripsy crunchy surface similar to sandpaper. This may be the secret weapon for Frenchwomen who have notoriously smooth and luminescent skin! Crunchy towels. I'll report back.


McKaulick said...

would say here, it's not because of the place it takes but the price of electricity.

Jamie Vegan said...

Haha, My fiancee and I were just discussing this. I asked Julien why the french use this contraption and he replied "because we like our clothes." :)