Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Tasting Table!

Dear Tasting Table... thank you for visiting! As promised below you will find a few of my recent food photos. While you are here please allow me to point out a few of my favorite posts. You might enjoy reading about French Kissing and American Sandwiches or learning about French medicine in my post called Sprinkles, Seltzers & Suppositories. Should you have more time, I would encourage you to read about my trouble with Turkey, tips on riding the metro and my upsetting adventures as a receptionist in Paris.

Dear readers... this is just a short aside. I am applying for a job as a food editor for the fabulous website I would like to show them a few of the photos I have taken oven the years and I thought what better place to post them than here?! So enjoy and rest assured we will be back to the regularly scheduled How to Marry a Frenchman program soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Mamies of Montmartre

For the first few months of Colette's life I was nervous about leaving the house. I would hover above the changing table hesitating about what she should wear. The long sleeved onsie or the short sleeved one? Pants? Socks? The wooly hat or the sun bonnet? Would she be too hot? Too cold? I would end up  jamming several additional and almost always unnecessary accessories into my purse then finally head out the door.

One might attribute these jitters to new-mommy-syndrome and concern about the well being of my new baby but in fact it was a fear based reaction to the glaring (thus caring) grannies of Montmartre. My neighborhood is a mecca for old people. Lord only knows why, considering that there are more steep slopes, craggily cobblestones and steps in our part of town than in any other arrondissement, but be that as it may, Montmartre is packed with Mamies, Grannies. The Mamies of Montmartre have appointed themselves as the monitors of safety. They roam the streets, markets and parks looking for unsuspecting young mothers who may have misjudge the meteorological micro-climate of Montmartre or underestimated the infinitely delicate nature of their child's tender neck skin, and they pounce.

I was attacked once while doing my shopping. There we were, Coco in her sling and I looking over the selection of oranges at the vegetable stand when out of the corner of my I a see a sweet old lady saddling up to us. It all starts off well, she brushes Coco's cheek with her nobly finger and tells me what a beautiful child I have made. But after a few minutes of cooing and ooing and ahhing she strikes, "Bit of a breeze today [raises her eyebrows and sighs as she looks disapprovingly at Coco's obviously too thin cotton onesie] don't you find it breezy?"With her one sing-songy question she clearly called into question my ability to parent and alerted all other grannies with in earshot to the problem.