Sunday, November 28, 2010

A How to Marry a Frenchman Party!

Let's have a Party! 

For any of you who are currently in love with a Frenchman, thinking about falling in love with a Frenchman or at some point were in love with a Frenchman and in Paris on December the 7th... please join me for a little meet and greet party. 

Where: La Fourmi (bar/café) 74 rue Martyrs 75018, Metro Pigalle. 

When: Tuesday December 7th, 6:30pm
NEW TIME! We've moved things up to 6:30.  

Why: Because I would love to meet you guys and kick off the holiday season! 

RSVP by leaving a comment. 


Nica said...

ahhh... i'd love to but i will be in normandy that whole week (6-12) on training!! let's get together anyway though because i want to meet your french baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ! I've been following your blog for awhile now. I live in eastern France and I work very late on Tuesdays, and early on Wednesdays so unfortunately there's no way to get to Paris. I would have loved to come and exchange experiences and perspectives though. I'm from Nebraska, USA and got married to Claude in June. Thanks for sharing all of the ups and downs, and especially laughs with your readers. :) bises - Jennifer

Michele said...

Salut! This is a great idea! Count me in for sure! While visiting, my time is limited in the evenings. Is it okay if my Frenchman joins us towards the end? Il travaille jusqu'a 20h30-21h00 :)

So excited to meet everyone,

Rosanna Tavarez said...

that's fantastic! tell you what, I am planning to move there spring next year to be there with my Frenchman:)

would love to meet you then.

here is my email should you want to become, like in the days of olde, "pen pals"...well, I guess it'd be more like keyboard pals since it is email and all;)

have fun at your meet-n-greet!

warm regards,

Anonymous said...

I wish I could make it too! I've been reading your blog ever since my partner (a frenchman) moved back to Paris. Your stories of bureaucracy have borderline given me panic attacks. And funny enough, they're actually more helpful than the French consulate's website. I would have loved to actually meet you in the flesh, but unfortunately I will not be in town until January. Have a great holiday!

debbie said...

Would love to meet you all - I am marrying a Frenchman in july and moving to paris- fortunately i am english (but strangly at the moment working in johannesburg)so wont have passport issues.
I look forward to meeting you all next year

Madame Bouron said...

Oooh! I am so excited about Tuesday! For those who can't come this time, not to worry, we can do another one of these next year. Those who ARE coming we have decided to bump up the rendez-vous time a little bit to 6:30pm so we can have a drink alone before our French love interests join us after work :)

Any questions email me at eatinginparis(at)

A demain!

Savor Paris said...

Aw would love to come but I'm in the states till end of January. Hope you have another get together so I can meet you and other France lovers sometime soon!

Michele said...

I'm sitting outside. Long blonde hair. Couldn't find anyone inside. Trouves-moi s'il te plait :)

Gemeux Risin said...

Already married a frenchman....MUCH more interested in meeting other Americans in France though!! :)

Michele said...

Mary, Kristen and Gabe! Had a great time meeting you two weeks ago. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a beautfiful, happy holiday season. Hope to see you again soon ;)