Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a girl!

Colette was born last Thursday evening at the very civilized hour of 7:45pm. We are back at home now and enjoying the customary parade of visitors and endless stream of phone calls from every French person we have ever know wishing us well.
My favorite comment so far has come from the mouth of my self-proclaimed French Mother, Odile, "Well yes, ma belle, babies are a lot more fun going in then they are coming out!"


Keith Eckstein said...


Will Colette become a blogger too?

Love Odile's comment - how true!

All the best


P.Shaw said...

How precious! Congrats!

Debi said...

Precious, of course!

KEUKS said...

Mary and Greg, The Stickelmaiers just wanted to send along their heartiest congrats and blessings to you both and big hugs and kisses to bebe Colette (what a wonderful name - tres chic - and I am sure she will live up to it). We are so very happy for you all, notthing beats being a Mama and a Papa. And I was just glad I got to see you Mary with the full on pregnant belly. That was a great night in Paris. Hope to see the whole family some day soon. Best to you all.