Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Scarf

A well stocked French wardrobe will contain at least a dozen scarves. Frenchwomen own silk scarves, wool scarves, exotic scarves from Morocco, fringy scarves from Barcelona, wool scarves from England, flimsy lace scarves....and on and on. It is not only a important accessory (allowing you to dress up or dress down an outfit) it is a question of health. Everyone here firmly believes that having your neck skin exposed is a surefire way to get sick.

I have, for the most part, adapted my wardrobe to accomodate this trend. In part, because I happen to love scarves and in part, because I live in fear of being scolded by the French (more on that another time). This trend however went to new heights today when I walked by my local Princess Tam Tam shop. See left.

A bikini and a scarf?! Come on now.

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Chelsea Nicole said...

I thought they were ridiculous with the scarves as well. When I was in Normandy, they chided me for not wearing a proper scarf when I wasn't even cold. Sure enough I ended up with a nasty case of laryngitis and bronchitis a day later. They all blamed it on my tiny scarf.