Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How much soufflé is too much soufflé?

In my opinion you realize that you have ordered too much soufflé somewhere between the last bite of your first and the second bite of your second. The knowledge that a third was on it's way was also a factor. 

My sweet husband brought me to a restaurant called Le Soufflé which serves, get ready, a multi-course meal composed uniquely of savory and sweet soufflés. While their soufflés are highly acclaimed and acknowledged as the best in Paris, I suggest limiting your consumption to one per meal. My dining neighbor, who had clearly eaten here before, wisely combined a cheesy mushroomy soufflé as a starter with a meaty main dish. I feel like I learn new things here everyday. One soufflé per meal. Got it. 


McKaulick said...

Ask you dear husband to bring you chez Gladines: http://www.restoaparis.com/fiche-restaurant-paris/chez-gladines.html

The l'escalope à la Montagnarde is my best dish soo good. This place is great and cheap in a really nice place of Paris. Buttes Aux Cailles so please go. And if you see the barman Fabrice, tell him Patrice the Quebecer who finally went to India says Hi. Take a picture with your iphone when you are there for me please :)

Barb said...

What a lovely lesson to learn!